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Business journalism has become one of the most exciting and important areas in the media and one of the fastest growing fields in terms of employability. Large news networks and news agencies such as Thompson/Reuters, Bloomberg and AP/Dow Jones are now expanding into audiences eager to read and know more about finance. Magazines, broadcast media, online services and press and PR departments of financial institutions and companies also require journalists who can deal with the complexities of covering financial issues.

Financial and business news is now continually on the front page, and opportunities in the fields of financial and business journalism are expanding rapidly.

As new technology offers citizens unprecedented access to information, journalism confronts intriguing new challenges. Traditional media power is facing competition from citizen journalism and the anarchic democracy of the internet. New skills are at a premium as newspapers migrate online, video and podcasts proliferate and blogging expands to do battle with conventional commentary.

The news industry is in a period of spectacular change. Serious journalism about public affairs must compete for attention with an expanding supply of infotainment. Distinction between broadcasting and printing are disappearing. There is no longer a single public sphere. Sports, celebrities and the arts claim places alongside politics, economics and diplomacy as topics deserving coverage.

Post Graduate Program in Business Journalism (PGPBJ) is designed to produce the next generation of great financial journalists who will excel at covering the current crisis - and spot the next one.