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Interaction with RBI officials - An Educational visit

Friday, 26th June 2014: BIL students visited the Central Bank of India – the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on 26th June, 2014. It was an educational visit with loads of insights on real time dynamics in the banking industry.

The students visited the RBI Monetary Museum to have a look at the stages in the evolution of forms of money right from metal forms till the plastic money form of current times. An audio-visual which was a compilation of the origin of currency and the evolution of money was then shown to the students followed by an interactive session with the museum officials.

Further, an informative session was organized by the communications team of RBI wherein the roles and functions were explained in detail. The session also emphasized on security aspect of money handling which is of key importance in the times of fake notes changing hands frequently.

Students had an enriching discussion in the Q&A phase of the session as they got the opportunity to get their queries answered by the key people who are contributors to the monetary system of the economy.