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Mr. Ambarish Datta
BSE Institute Ltd

The BSE Institute was set up in 1989 with the purpose of spreading education in financial markets. I take immense pride in introducing a new facet of BSE Institute Ltd by launching the Post Graduate Program in Business journalism (PGPBJ) and I feel a profound sense of responsibility in continuing BIL's proud legacy of ground breaking ideas and transformational educational experiences.

The world of journalism is undergoing a crisis – or a revolution – which presents an enormous challenge to those working in it and those hoping to join it. By joining PGPBJ our students will learn to think clearly and to make sense of the world around them. They will learn to communicate clearly and directly; they will learn to work co-operatively; they will learn to be organised and to meet deadlines and they will learn to present themselves and their ideas to other people.

As an Educational Institute we understand that the professional needs constantly evolve in tandem with the changing economic and organizational environment. Hence our entire curriculum of PGPBJ has been designed to ensure that its participants represent an education for life beyond the world of work.

If you think you would enjoy this academically rigorous and culturally rich program, I encourage you to read on and look forward to receiving your application.